Transforming a raw space can be an exciting creative challenge for clients, and we love a challenge. When our client came to us to produce an immersive event in an abandoned warehouse, we were excited to take on the project. Our goal was to create a vibrant, energetic space to deliver their content in a tech-forward way.

As with any event space, the client’s goals for the event are the anchor to the design.

Ask yourself:

  1. When the doors open and the lights go on, what do I want my attendees to see and feel?
  2. Which architectural aspects of the venue can be enhanced to reach our design goals?
  3. What do I need to do to this venue to make it feel on brand for my organization?

Then you should look at the raw space to find out the production challenges such as:

  • Is there power?
  • Is there rigging?
  • What is load in?
  • Do we need internet?
  • What is access to the building like?

Using all this information, you can then design the event with these parameters and let the immersive experience design flow.  Match the size of the design to the size of the venue; make something visually impactful and grand to fit the space.

Read more about how we turned an abandoned warehouse into an immersive experience below.

BlackOak is here to help take your event to a new level.  Let’s work somewhere weird together.

lighting setup for event
Lighting Production Corporate Event
stage and lighting setup
event lighting chicago
Foodscapes event setup
Event backdrop with tables and chairs
event setup with tables and decor


What have you been thinking about with your event?


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