The University of Chicago Law School approached us looking to host two sets of class reunions. Historically, they host a reunion for ten graduating classes every year, but due to COVID, they were postponed and combined into one larger, virtual program. The biggest challenge was to create an engaging and community building event in a virtual setting.

The central hub of this event was the custom platform developed which hosted programming, networking, audience engagement, and registration. One challenging aspect for production was integrating the registration platform used by The University of Chicago into the custom event platform. We worked closely with multiple teams within the university to integrate the registration functionality fully and seamlessly into the platform. Once the guests were on the platform, they had an on-brand, highly polished digital experience during the event watching presentations, filling out a commissioned New York Times crossword puzzle, and networking with their classmates.

The client knew the alumni and their families would be looking for fun and engaging content and activities. We filmed a tour of the Law School facilities hosted by the Dean and then streamed this tour during the reunion. Alumni were delighted to see the changes to the building over the years and had their nostalgic moments as well.  Each class year even had a specific section of the platform to view the program. Throughout the reunion, the client saw the alumni engaging with their classmates, viewing the overall content, and focusing on the accomplishments of the law school.

Despite the challenges of making a historically in-person event into a virtual experience, the client was pleased with the event turnout and appreciated the insights gained from the analytics gathered during the event. The client’s favorite part of the process was finding out who accessed the platform, how much time they spent on each part of the platform, what devices were used to watch the programming, and what countries the guests attended were from . The range of data type and quantity of analytics well exceeded the insights gathered from a typical in-person event. These robust analytics of the full event platform allowed the client to feel confident all their hard work paid off in an engaging and well attended virtual reunion.



Creative Direction

Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentations


Custom Platform Build

Digital Engagement Strategy

Registration and Communication

Audience Engagement

3rd Party Integrations

Robust Analytics and Action Tracking

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