WeddingPro COR


WeddingPro COR 2023 served as a pivotal event uniting Wedding and Event Planners over two dynamic days. Collaborating with Kehoe Designs, we orchestrated a memorable experience at The Geraghty, focusing on education, inspiration, and industry elevation. The main challenges that we successfully overcame included ensuring smooth transitions between presentations and breakout sessions, while also sustaining guest engagement and interest throughout.

Lighting and technical production were paramount, setting the event’s tone and facilitating smooth transitions between presenters. Providing clear audio, while guaranteeing all guests could hear throughout The Geraghty, made presentations resonate with clarity and impact. To further captivate attention, the mainstage featured Kato frames and luminous backdrops, maintaining a compelling focal point at the forefront.

The breakout rooms hosted industry leaders’ presentations, supported by comprehensive lighting, audio, and video setups, all with seamless functionality. To get to these rooms, our guests were guided through a curated tour of our facility, offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into The Geraghty, Kehoe Designs, and BlackOak Technical Productions. These breakout areas, which were complemented by subtle ambient lighting, offered our guests a refreshing change of environment, effectively breaking up their day and providing a tailored space conducive to focused and meaningful individual discussions.

The Geraghty’s versatility provided an expansive canvas for this event. Vibrant shades of blues, purples, and magentas infused the main space with energy, creating a dynamic ambiance. Customed gobo’d projections featuring trending quotes from influencers and social media, like “I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!” from the iconic Corn TikTok. The ambiance of the space was meticulously crafted through the use of uplighting and downlighting, bringing even the most intricate details to life.




Full-Service AV Production

Projection Screens

Breakout Rooms




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