Have you ever had an idea so out of the box you needed a hand getting started? The teams at BlackOak Technical Productions and KEHOE DESIGNS had their work cut out for them when a client had an idea to throw a Mad Max themed summer party. Here are five things we did to make their event come to life you should consider during the creative planning process.

#1 – Immersion

Immerse yourself in the theme. For this event, our team watched the movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, listened to the soundtrack, and crafted concept art so we could visually conceptualize and absorb the client’s vision.  Once we were immersed, we started painting a picture of how this theme could turn into what the guests would experience the night of the event.

#2 – Brainstorming

Hold a creative brain dump with your team. Inspiration started from source material, public art, movies, graphic design, etc. Bringing together people from different departments with different perspectives allows for a large quantity of unique ideas – every thought counts, and the crazier the better!

#3 – Application

Edit the wild, untamed vision into specific ideas for the event. Select and filter your most innovative ideas so you can create something epic! Blend, merge and combine multiple ideas into one design element.

#4 – Design

Whether it’s just graphics or full-blown installations, each detail counts towards the end goal. The first step of the design process was crafting the narrative and understanding the story so we could turn the theme into the creative direction.

#5 – Production

Tie the vision to reality. With a theatrical flair, we pulled out all the tricks with lighting, audio, video, staging, pyrotechnics, and extravagant special effects. When each guest walked in, they were blown away.

Event production is what we do here at BlackOak Technical Productions. Let’s create something crazy together.



What have you been thinking about with your event?


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