With truncated timelines, it is key to level set with your event partners on feasibility, staffing and install timelines. Transparency during the planning process will result in the best event in a short timeframe. Below are some tips on how to successfully plan an event within a short timeframe.

1. Give yourself ample install time. You will not have as much time to finetune your content and programming before loading in if your event is two weeks away. Especially for more complicated technical projects, make sure to provide a couple of hours for your technicians to troubleshoot any issues before a rehearsal or event starts.

2. Figure out the content early. What will be displayed on screens? Will there be any scripts? Who is providing the content? What is their direct contact?

3. Identify key stakeholders at the beginning. You will need a direct stakeholder to expedite approval for events on a short timeline. Select this person from the start.

4. Prepare your team and schedule appropriately. Let your team know that the project may prompt some unconventional hours. Ensure that you are staffing and charging appropriately for these hours to remain profitable on the event.

5. Keep a positive attitude! Events with short timelines can often seem daunting, so keeping an upbeat perspective will help frame the event in a positive light.

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