When hosting a virtual event, one of your options is to pre-record the entire event (or portions of it). While you may be wishing for the energy of a live broadcast, one significant benefit of pre-recording is that it gives you more creative control than a live stream. As with live streaming, strategy, planning and production are crucial when executing a pre-recorded event. Below are the five stages of creating a pre-recorded virtual experience.

1. Direction – Decide on the type/style of production that makes sense for your event. Is this event more formal? If so, it could be filmed using professional equipment onsite at a location meaningful to your organization. Is it more casual? If yes, a virtual recording through a web service or platform might be more appropriate and budget friendly.

2. Location – The filming location is one of the biggest decisions you will make during this process. It determines the aesthetic, feel and ease of production. Ask yourself, how could the right location contribute to my story?

3. Production – Set the scene of your chosen location. Use the environment to set the mood of the event. This is where pre-recording shines. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse until you get it just right.

4. Post-Production – The editing process is where the creative freedom, pacing and energy comes in. Pre-recording allows you to finesse the content with motion graphics, color grading and musical underscoring. You can polish your message by editing the video to only the most poignant moments.

5. Delivery – Once the final video is set, the options for broadcast and distribution are endless. Whether streamed live or distributed for on demand viewing, your audience has many viewing options.

If you’re looking for a location to record, check out our venue, The Geraghty. Let’s go somewhere cool together.

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