The Video Technician is responsible for installation of video equipment for events. This position is responsible for installing and striking the video inventory in a safe, effective, and professional manner while collaborating with production departments and other vendors. This position reports to and receives direction from the Event Technology Manager, and may receive direction from the Assistant Manager, Director of Production, General Manager, Event Directors and the Creative Services team members.

Our Mission Values | Our Commitments

Each employee works together to strive to create the best event design and tradeshow company by:

  • improving our communication,
  • showing that we care about each other and the company,
  • focusing on delivering quality, and
  • highlighting professionalism thru personal excellence with shared passion, dedication, and commitment to client value.

Essential Duties | What You’ll Do – The Fun Stuff

  • Live event video related duties, including equipment installation and operation of projectors, switchers, scalers, cameras, playback devices, etc
  • May draft system layouts, plan system layouts, and ensure appropriate equipment is packed as
  • Performs minor repairs and maintenance of equipment including soldering, cleaning, and cable
  • Interfaces professionally with Client onsite if necessary to discuss changes to the design or
  • Reviews pull-sheets and preps equipment for each job based on pull sheets and knowledge of video
  • May be on-site technician during events with live operation needs or supervision of system stability through duration of event while interfacing with client.
  • Maintains workspace to ensure department is organized, safe and free from obstacles and
  • May work with the FLEX system to manage
  • May track and enter time and tasks assigned to work projects into Labor Log on

Other Duties and Safety Requirements | There’s More!

  • Assists in maintaining departmental workspace to ensure work is organized, safe and free from obstacles and debris.
  • Complies with all department and company safety guidelines, procedures, and
  • Mentors safe work practices to co-workers and
  • Completes all safety training as directed and within established
  • Interfaces professionally with all people, internal and external, in a kind and respectful
  • Tracks and enters time and assigns hours and tasks to appropriate events and jobs in time and attendance system.
  • Completes all Human Resources and Payroll tasks and notifications through the Employee Self Service Online Portal on a weekly basis, as directed and within established timelines.
  • Assists in other departments as needed and
  • May perform other duties as

Qualifications | What You Need to Bring

  • Associates Degree in theatrical production or related field
  • 3+ years of technician experience in video
  • Detailed knowledge of electricity, video, and related technical equipment
  • Adept skill in operating video equipment including projectors, monitors, screens, cameras, playback
  • Bilingual Spanish a
  • Knowledge of event venues a
  • Knowledge of simple rigging including truss stands and structures a
  • Ability to read and interpret pull
  • Experience with running shows live as a board operator, cameraman, and video operator in complex production situations.
  • Field understanding of electrical capacities and proper, safe utilization of A/C power distribution
  • Understanding of standard control and signal distribution
  • Ability to deal effectively with a diversity of individuals at all organizational
  • Works well under pressure with a proven ability to multitask, work in a fast-paced setting, and meet deadlines and goals.
  • Ability to tolerate long work shifts and work flexible schedules to include evenings and
  • Good knowledge and ability to use tools and equipment that may include: electrical wire, electrical testers, fuses, soldering iron, pliers, wire strippers, c-wrench, screwdriver, hand drill, tape measure, dollies, high lift, and 8 foot, 12 and 14 foot ladders.

Physical and Work Environment Requirements | What it is Like in the Office and Shop

  • Ability to stand, kneel, crouch, bend and reach during entire work
  • Able to walk 50% of the work
  • Ability to work with hands and arms during entire
  • Must be able to move and climb ladders without
  • Must be able to lift, carry, push and pull 50 lbs. throughout the Occasionally may move up to and over 100 lbs. with assistance.
  • Ability to handle fragile items
  • Required to move between two buildings throughout the work
  • Must have 20/20 vision with
  • Must be able to tolerate cold, heat and humid
  • May be exposed to fumes, airborne particles, and chemicals throughout the work
  • Ability to tolerate moderate